How To Be A Real Estate Agent Singapore

Real estate prices are down in many parts of the country and some people are bad mouthing real estate as an investment opportunity – what a mistake! True, if you were a raw speculator who got caught on the wrong side of the bursting real estate bubble you are probably not a very happy camper right now, but truthfully, it’s their own fault for going bust and there was absolutely no reason for doing so! property agent singapore

You have to understand that there is a HUGE difference between “speculating” and “investing”. Speculators are going broke left and right, but “investors” are making even more money today than they were over the past few years of the so called real estate boom. Speculation is exactly the same as gambling – you put your money down and you “hope” that fate will bring you a jackpot. Investing on the other hand is not about “hope” – investing takes study, research, and a fundamental understanding of basic economics and finance. Investing is all about reducing risk, which is completely the opposite of speculating.

The opportunities for real estate investors are huge today! Not since the banking debacle of the 1980’s have investors had the opportunity to pick up so many desirable properties at bargain basement prices. Don’t listen to what the naysayer’s are pushing – these are the same knuckleheads who were extolling the virtues of real estate speculation just a short time ago.

Let’s face it, unless you’re an inventor or business builder there is not much chance of you ever “making it” outside of real estate investing. You wake up everyday, do your job, play by the rules, and what do you have to show for it? Are you satisfied that you are making serious strides towards earning the money and living the lifestyle you ultimately desire, or do you sometimes feel like a hamster on a wheel – going round and round, but never seeming to get anywhere? Many people just like you have made the decision to leave the rat race behind and they are doing it through “intelligent” real estate investing, not through speculation.

If you want to explore the opportunities in real estate investing I suggest that you follow these six steps:

Decide to be an Investor – The most important obstacle you face is in your own mind! Decide once and for all that you will invest in you self-education and learn what it takes to become a successful real estate investor.
Find an Area to Invest In — Research market trends, population trends, employment trends, and rental trends. Do not invest in a market that you do not know intimately, and do not invest unless there are discernable, positive reasons for doing so.
Identify Potential Properties – Only after doing your market research should you worry about identifying particular properties.
Analyze – Before making an investment decision be sure to analyze all of the numbers to be sure that the deal makes good business sense.
Structure the Deal – You must learn how to negotiate and structure deals to gain the maximum profit from your transactions.
Property Management – Once you own property you must have clearly defined operating and exit strategies. Figure out what you are going to do with the property long before you actually own it.
Contrary to popular opinion, by doing your homework and learning the difference between speculation and true investing you just might find this to be the best real estate market in years! By paying close attention to the economic fundamentals on every deal you’ll never go wrong on a real estate investment and you’ll be well on your way to leaving the “rat race” behind and building a life of economic freedom and financial independence.